Alpha diversity is the first part of a three-tiered scale for measuring the biodiversity of an area. An area's alpha diversity is a measure of the diversity of species within an ecosystem. Obtaining this measurement usua... More »

Alpha, beta and delta are the first, second and third letters of the Greek alphabet. They are used to distinguish certain related terms in chemistry. For example, they are used to differentiate alpha and beta carbons, or... More » Science Chemistry

An alpha-beta unsaturated ketone is an organic molecule that contains a ketone carbonyl group and a double bond between the alpha and beta carbons in the chain. The carbons in the chain are named based on their proximity... More »

Alpha keratin is an amino acid with a coiled-coil shape that is found in sheep's wool, hair, horns and tails. This amino acid's structure is maintained with hydrophobic bonds between apolar residues. Keratin is found in ... More »

Alpha characters, more often called alphanumeric, are designed for computers and are comprised of the 26 alphabetic characters and the 10 Arabic numerals. Alpha characters also encompass letter variations for languages o... More »

Alpha blockers are medications used to treat high blood pressure and other conditions, according to Mayo Clinic. They keep noraderenaline from tightening veins and arteries, thereby keeping blood vessels relaxed and open... More » Health Medications & Vitamins

The biome that has the most biodiversity is the tropical rainforest. The tropical rainforest is home to over 15 million different species of animals and plants. It is estimated that the tropical rainforest is the habitat... More »