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Care for an aloe vera plant by planting it in well-drained soil, placing it in a good location, providing adequate water, fertilizing the plant, pruning the offsets, and repotting the plant as necessary. You need potting mix, a pot, fertilizer and pruning scissors.


To care for indoor plants, choose the correct plants, fertilize the plants regularly, water the plants, and wash them several times a year. Finally, monitor your plants continuously for signs of disease.


The spider plant, mother-in-law’s tongue plant and dragon tree plant are some easy-to-grow houseplants. The Christmas cactus and cast iron plant are other low-maintenance options.


The best way to grow aloe plants is in cactus potting soil, as the two species are similar and thrive best in warm, dry environments. If cactus soil is unavailable, substitute it with a conventional potting soil supplemented with perlite, building sand or granite grit.


Aloe plants can be easily rooted by placing cuttings from existing aloe plants into fresh potted soil and placing the pot in direct sunlight. It is important to wait one week before watering the cuttings. Aloe vera plants produce multiple offsets, commonly referred to a...


Houseplant growing requirements vary by species and cultivar, and owners should research the proper light, water, soil and fertilizing requirements for each variety. Regardless of the species of the plant, individuals should inspect new plants for signs of disease or da...


To care for Dracaena sanderiana, also called lucky bamboo, place the plant in a container with enough pebbles to support the plant and at least 1 inch of bottled or distilled water. Change the water weekly, and keep the plant in a location with bright, indirect sunlight...