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An amaretto stone sour is an alcoholic drink that uses orange juice and sour mix. The drink is made using one part of each ingredient.


Yes, almonds are considered one of the healthiest foods as of 2014. Almonds are high in healthy fats and minerals that are essential for the body.


Almonds come from the almond tree. They are a type of stone fruit that is in the same family as the peach, plum and cherry.


To bake almond crescent cookies, mix flour with butter, sugar and almonds, add vanilla extract and almond extract, and beat thoroughly. Shape the cookie dough into a crescent shape, such that the middle is thicker than the ends, and bake for about 15 minutes on cookie sheets.


A classic Amaretto sour is made by mixing 1 1/2 ounces Amaretto liqueur and one to two splashes of sweet and sour mix in a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice. It is then poured into a glass to serve and garnished with a maraschino cherry and orange slice.


While almonds are a healthy source of vitamins and fats, eating too many can have unintended consequences, such as weight gain, interactions with medications, vitamin E overdose and gastrointestinal problems, according to MD-Health.com. Packed with 14 grams of fat and 163 calories per ounce, it is i


Almond Joy cookies feature Almond Joy bars, Almond Joy pieces, or a combination of chocolate, almonds and coconut. Almond Joy cookies also typically include flour, sugar, egg, salt and baking soda.


Almonds can go bad if they are not properly stored. Though the almond is technically a seed, it is used as a nut and has a high fat content. This fat content is what makes the almond turn rancid quickly.


To make almond milk, manufacturers grind toasted almonds and then blend them with water. Almond milk sometimes includes additional vitamins and minerals. It has lower levels of protein than milk from cattle, so protein is often an addition as well.


According to Erin Coleman for the San Francisco Chronicle, almond milk offers several nutritional benefits to the body, especially when compared to regular cow's milk. For example, unsweetened almond milk has fewer calories than cow's milk and can aid in weight loss. It also lacks unhealthy trans fa