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This lesson provides the common volume formulas of some basic geometry figures such as the cube, the cylinder, the pyramid, ...


The volume of a solid 3 D shape is the amount of space displaced by it. Some formulas for common 2 -dimensional plane figures and 3 -dimensional solids are given below. The answers have one, two, or three dimensions; perimeter is measured in linear units , area is measured in square units , and volume is measured in cubic units .


We're going to examine the formulas you will need to figure out the surface area and volume of three-dimensional shapes as well as the area and perimeter of two-dimensional shapes.You can study this lesson to learn each formula, then keep it around for a quick reference next time you need it.


Volume = r2 X height V = r2 h Surface = 2 radius X height S = 2 rh + 2 r2 Pyramid Volume = 1/3 area of the base X height V = bh b is the area of the base Surface Area: Add the area of the base to the sum of the areas of all of the triangular faces. The areas of the triangular faces will have different formulas for different shaped bases. Cones


Be sure to use the same units for all measurements. You cannot multiply feet times inches times yards, it doesn't make a perfectly cubed measurement. The volume of a rectangular prism is the length on the side times the width times the height. If the width is 4 inches, the length is 1 foot and the height is 3 feet, what is the volume?


Surface area formulas and volume formulas appear time and again in calculations and homework problems. Pressure is a force per area and density is mass per volume. These are just two simple types of calculations that involve these formulas. This is a short list of common geometric shapes and their surface area formulas and volume formulas.


Volume of cylinders, spheres, and cones word problems Review the formulas for the volume of prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones, and spheres. If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website.


Perimeter Area and Volume of Common Shapes and Solids. Perimeter Area and Volume of Common Shapes and Solids. Menu. Home. Perimeter, Area and Volume of Common Solids and Shapes. ... Surface Area and Volume Formulas for Geometric Shapes. Is Glass Considered a Liquid or a Solid? How a Solid Propellant Rocket Works. What Are Some Different Types ...


Shape diagrams and formulas for geometric solids including capsule, cone, conical frustum, cube, cylinder, hemisphere, pyramid, rectangular prism, sphere. Diagrams of solid geometry shapes leading to specific solid geometry calculators.


Volume is a space occupied by a three dimensional object. The object can be of any shape like square, triangle, rectangle, sphere, cylindrical, etc. Volume formula depends upon the area of the object. As the area of the object changes with the change in shape, the volume of the object also changes.