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Sea snakes, or coral reef snakes, are a subfamily of venomous elapid snakes, the Hydrophiinae, that inhabit marine environments for most or all of their lives. Most are extensively adapted to a fully aquatic life and are unable to move on land, except for the genus Laticauda, which has limited land movement.They are found in warm coastal waters from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific and are ...


Here we have an extremely venomous species of elapid sea snakes that we all must avoid at all cost. As a matter of fact, they are the most venomous snakes in the world with venom over 100 times that of a cobra. In spite of their dangerous venom, these dangerous sea snakes are quite docile and surprisingly pretty friendly.


The reason behind sea snakes being so venomous is that their venom has evolved for quickly immobilizing the prey and not for defence purpose as in venomous land snakes. Also, it is difficult to prey on fishes in the oceans as they are very fast an...


No, not all of snakes are poisonous. Most poisonous snakes in the United States can be identified by the following characteristics: Slit eyes. The only exception is the coral snake.


Sea snakes include 60 species of marine snakes from the cobra family (Elapidae).These reptiles fall into two groups: true sea snakes (subfamily Hydrophiinae) and sea kraits (subfamily Laticaudinae).The true sea snakes are most closely related to Australian cobras, while kraits are related to Asian cobras.


Sea snake, any of more than 60 species of highly venomous marine snakes of the cobra family (Elapidae). There are two groups: the true sea snakes (subfamily Hydrophiinae) and the sea kraits (subfamily Laticaudinae). Although their venom is the most potent of all snakes, human fatalities are rare.


The Beaked Sea Snake measures 47 to 116 cm, it is a dirty white to a pale greenish gray with some 40-50 dark round blotches on its back. The Beaked Sea Snake is one of the most venomous snakes either on land or in the sea. Indeed, scientists have estimated its venom to be 4 to 8 times more lethal than that of a cobra.


A List of the Most Venomous Sea Snakes Sea snakes are poisonous snake species that can be found in the tropical waters of the Indian and the western Pacific Ocean. They cannot be found in the Caribbean, the Atlantic, nor the Red Sea.


Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake. The last snake on this list isn’t actually native to California. However, specimens have washed ashore on Californian beaches. Meet the yellow-bellied sea snake, Pelamis platurus. The yellow-bellied sea snake is a highly venomous piscivore, meaning that it eats fish, and is the most widespread sea snake in the world.