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Samsung has manufacturing plants are located in twelve countries throughout Eastern Europe and Asia, including design centres, research and development centres, and factories around the world. The company manufactures 90 percent of the products sold under its name.


Samsung products are manufactured all over the world. Samsung is the parent company of over 78 corporations globally, and the company is headquartered in South Korea.


A list of all Samsung phone models contains all current and previous cellphones produced by the company Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Samsung's website contains a list of all its current cellphones. The website GSMArena.co displays a list of the several hundred Samsung cellphones produced since 1996


Samsung has manufacturing plants in many countries. Samsung Galaxy phones are manufactured in Gumi, Korea. Some Samsung televisions, mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines and split air conditioners are produced in a manufacturing facility in Noida, India, and a second Indian factory opened


Those who choose to register a Samsung product receive benefits such as helpful tips, faster support and a chance to win other Samsung products. In order to register a Samsung product, a person must make a Samsung account.


Samsung includesproduct manuals with its newly purchased TVs. Downloadable PDF copies of TV user manuals can be found on the Samsung support website.


Some popular Samsung Galaxy products for 2016 include the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy Note 5. These popular smartphones win praise from both reviewers and consumers.


As of 2015, Samsung refers customers to repair services for its products through its website at Samsung.com. Customers enter the type and model for the product, along with a ZIP code, and the site provides information for the nearest repair facility.


All new Samsung televisions on sale in the United States as of 2015 are high-definition televisions, including several models that conform to the Ultra HD or 4K standard. However, some smaller Samsung televisions are only HD or 720p models, rather than full HD 1080p displays. Some older Samsung tele


A product key list is an accumulation of unique codes required to install software. These codes, usually alphanumeric codes of various lengths, are required to download or use specific programs or software features.