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To break it down ….in order for your “Homemade Bubble Bath” recipe to be all natural (or as natural as possible), & to ensure lots of bubbles that last, you’re going to have to include some kind of surfactants – in general terms – are what create big lathery, foamy bubbles that don’t disappear for the half hour it takes you to read a chapter of that trashy romance novel while you ...


Bubble baths are so much fun, but the toxic chemicals in conventional soap are not. Here are the best natural bubble bath options, plus some DIY recipes.


/ Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe – All Natural. Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe – All Natural. A simple and easy recipe for a luxurious bubble bath that’s free of artificial fragrances and dyes! This takes only a few minutes to make and is the perfect gift to give the ladies in your life.


DIY natural bubble bath. Try this recipe from Paula Parrish uses glycerin for big bubbles and lavender essential oil for a calming effect. 4. Homemade honey bubble bath. Live Laugh Rowe’s recipe for honey bubble bath comes with pretty printable labels! 5. Calming homemade bubble bath. Made with essential oils, this recipe is calming and ...


I have always been a big fan of bubble baths. Taking a bubble bath is one of the easiest ways to feel relaxed and rejuvenated, without even needing to leave the house! So when I came across this recipe for an all-natural homemade bubble bath, I immediately had to give it a try! Not only does it take ...


Another great option for natural bubbles is to simply make your own DIY bubble bath. Check out our Homemade Organic Bubble Bath Recipes at the bottom of this article for two lovely homemade bubble bath recipes for adults and children. Whether you make your own bubble bath or buy one, keep in mind that bubble baths should be limited to about ...


Essential oils – A natural way to give the bubble bath a nice scent (without yucky chemical fragrances). They can also be used therapeutically (to enhance relaxation, for example). Kids’ Bubble Bath Recipe. An all-natural bubble bath recipe to make bath time extra fun! Ingredients. ¾ cup liquid castile soap; ¼ cup vegetable glycerin


Mint Milk Bath Recipe – This soothing mixture will transform your bath into a revitalizing and invigorating experience.. Soothing Bath Soak – Take the time to enjoy your bath with this delightfully simple mixture which will relieve the stresses of the day and leave you feeling relaxed.. Honey Vanilla Bubble Bath – Take care of your body and enjoy this fantastic bubble bath which helps ...


Making your own homemade bubble bath makes sense if you like to use it a lot or if you want to try a bunch of different scents without spending a ton of money on bath products. The bubble bath recipes on this page begin with one simple but tried-and-true base recipe, with lots of scent blends for you to experiment with.


Don’t be surprised that homemade bubble bath doesn’t create enormous bubbles like the commercial stuff. This recipe uses more castile soap than this honey vanilla bubble bath so there’s more bubble action. But you’ll still need to agitate the water to create a good foam.