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The Energy Sword, exclusively wielded by Sangheili, is a close-engagement weapon intended to express its owner’s personal skill, clerical honor, and combat viability. Fist of Rukt The Fist of Rukt is a gravity hammer distinct from all others.


Halo 4 added 3 new weapons for the UNSC, 1 for the Covenant, and a new system of weapons for the Forerunner race. The newest UNSC weapons are all in the power weapon class and consist of the SAW, Railgun, and Sticky Detonator.


A total of ten new weapons will be introduced in Halo 4 along with several from past Halo games. List of Weapons in Halo 4 . Both Covenant and UNSC weapons have been confirmed to return in Halo 4.


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Here is a list of the known Covenant weapons that can be held. Related Categories: Human Weapons, Forerunner Weapons


The LightRifle is a precision Forerunner energy weapon wielded by Warrior-Servants against the Flood, and by the Promethean Knights against humanity. Magnum The Magnum is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated, magazine-fed handgun and the standard personal sidearm of all branches of the UNSC.


The Weapons of the new Halo Project will be posted here when more information is known. UNSC Weapons . These weapons were confirmed in the Halo 5 Guardian Beta but could be speculation before lanch.


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One interesting thing to note is that the needler is the one weapon that isn't on Blood Gulch since all other weapons in Halo can be found on Blood Gulch. The needler is an odd weapon that doesn't have much use in the multiplayer world of Halo, and is found much more useful in campaign mode.


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