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Common formulas in the study of geometry include calculating the perimeter and area of shapes. For example, the perimeter or outside of a rectangle is the length plus the width of the rectangle times two.


A triangle is a three-sided polygon where the sum of its interior angles equals 180 degrees. Some common formulas for triangles include perimeter, the total sum of its individual side lengths; area, one-half of the product of a triangle’s base and height; and angle calculations based on the Pythagor


A point in geometry is the exact position or location on a plane surface, according to Math Open Reference. Points are typically displayed as dots, and they are given upper case letters for a name to make them easy to identify.


Geometry is essential for applied mathematics, and it is used in architecture and engineering fields. Its development was crucial in the development of modern mathematics. It can also make abstract mathematical concepts more clear.


Given two points, the midpoint formula is given by the average of the two x values and the average of the two y values. Mathematically, this is represented as (x1+x2)/2 for the x value of the midpoint, and (y1+y2)/2 for the y value of the midpoint.


Of all the engineering disciplines, geometry is mostly used in civil engineering through surveying activities, explains TryEngineering.org. Geometry involves the analysis and study of relationships among shapes, and civil engineers design and assemble shapes to construct buildings, bridges, highway


Space geometry measures distance, angles and curvature in three dimensions. It includes elements of Euclidian solid geometry, Cartesian coordinates, topology and non-Euclidian geometry, particularly when measuring two-dimensional space on a three-dimensional object, such as a sphere. When extended t


Careers in the transportation industry and the construction industry require geometry. Careers in the arts and agriculture industry, the medicine industry and the engineering industry utilize geometry on a daily basis as well.


The inventor of geometry was Euclid, and his nickname was The Father of Geometry. Euclid obtained his education at Plato's Academy in Athens, Greece and then moved to Alexandria.


A geometry tutorial may cover the basic concepts used in planar geometry or cover a specific aspect of geometry more extensively. A tutorial often includes sample problems, lists key concepts and explains the application of different theorems.