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Toponomy. As an example of totum pro parte, the term Western Hemisphere is widely used by some, such as the United States government, to refer to the Americas.. Geography. The Western Hemisphere consists of the Americas, the western portions of Europe and Africa, the extreme eastern tip of Siberia (), numerous territories in Oceania, and a portion of Antarctica, while excluding some of the ...


In addition, all countries west of the Prime Meridian are in the Western Hemisphere while those east of the Prime Meridian are in the Eastern Hemisphere. Generally the Eastern Hemisphere includes most of Africa, about half of Antarctica, all of Asia and Australia/Oceania, and most of Europe.


Larger Image of Western Hemisphere Map. Share. FY 2007-2012 Department of State and USAID Strategic Plan. Bureau of Resource Management. May 2007. Report . Countries Comprising the Western Hemisphere Region : D . The following countries are in the Western Hemisphere region: Canada Mexico Guatemala Belize El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua Costa ...


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There are an additional 12 countries that are partial in the Western Hemisphere. There are 12 countries that are partially in the Western Hemisphere because of the longitudinal demarcation: Algeria, Burkino Faso, Fiji, France, Ghana, Kiribati, Mali, Russia, Spain, Togo and the United Kingdom.


Brazil, where people actually speak Portuguese more than Spanish, is the largest of all the countries in South America, and the third largest in the entire Western Hemisphere. Lesson Summary


Pretty much all of Asia is in the Northern Hemisphere, except for Indonesia, which crosses the equator and has most of its land in the Southern Hemisphere. Asia includes China, Russia and the rest of the former soviet states, Japan, India, and the Middle Eastern countries as well as islands like the Philippines.


This is a list of countries and dependent territories in the Americas by population, which is sorted by the 2015 mid-year normalized demographic projections. American countries by population, 2018. Table. Rank Country (or dependent territory) July 1, 2015 projection % of pop. Average relative annual growth (%) Average absolute


The four largest countries on the western hemisphere are included in the top four largest in the world. The top four countries are: Canada (2nd in the world), U.S.A. (3rd in the world), Brazil ...


The red vertical imaginary line called the Prime Meridian, at 0º degrees longitude, and its twin line of longitude, opposite the Prime Meridian at 180º longitude, divides the earth into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.. Therefore (with some exceptions) all countries north of the Equator are in the Northern Hemisphere, while all countries south of the Equator are in the Southern Hemisphere.