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Major cities located in the southwestern region of the continental United States include Denver, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona; and Las Vegas, Nevada. Other cities include San Francisco, Los Angeles and Oakland, California; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Salt Lake City, Utah.


The American Southwest region consists of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma, which have for the most part semi-arid and arid climates. Despite the similar weather throughout the region, the geographical features vary from mountains and plateaus to deserts and cany...


Broadly defined, Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah are all part of the Southwestern United States. Alternatively, Arizona, western New Mexico, western Texas, southern Colorado, and southern Utah comprise the core of the Southwe...


The Southwest region contains soils, natural water sources, Class I and II quality air, and geological formations. The area also contains an abundance of wildlife. The resources are monitored and protected.


Southwest Airlines does not use the traditional "hub and spoke" system used by other airlines but instead has "point-to-point" operations where passengers travel directly to their destinations. However, Southwest does have major operations in the following cities: Balti...


Some landforms found in the Southwest are mountain ranges, plateaus, basins, valleys and canyons. The Southwestern United States is a region that includes California, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Within these states, there are distinct geographical features o...


Southwest Airlines posts all its flight schedules directly on its website. The airline usually posts its schedules at least six months in advance, but all flight times are subject to change.