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Demosponges constitute about 90% of all known sponge species, including all freshwater ones, and have the widest range of habitats. Calcareous sponges, which have calcium carbonate spicules and, in some species, calcium carbonate exoskeletons, are restricted to relatively shallow marine waters where production of calcium carbonate is easiest.


Natural Sea Sponges possess remarkable powers of regeneration. Broken of bits of sea sponge are carried by off by water currents and have the ability to settle in another location and re-grow into a clone of the parent sponge. Studies show that areas harvested actually increase the population density of sponges.


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But something was clearly eating this sponge! A sea turtle is the culprit. Sea turtles are one of the principal predators of sponges, along with a few species of fish and some invertebrates like ...


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