Dolphins weigh approximately 125 lbs. to 22,000 lbs. depending on the species, with the most popular dolphin species, the bottlenose dolphin, weighing in at 1,100 lbs. Although orcas are often called killer whales, they ... More »

In spite of the bottlenose dolphin's gentle appearance, All About Wildlife explains that these animals are in fact apex predators. While great white sharks, tiger sharks and bull sharks occasionally prey on young dolphin... More »

The book "Island of the Blue Dolphins" by Scott O'Dell is primarily about a girl name Karana, who not only loses her father to fighting with the Aleuts, a Native American tribe, she also misses a boat that would have tak... More »

Dolphins grow to different sizes, with the bottlenose dolphin growing to be approximately 10 to 14 feet and weighing 1,100 lbs. while the orca whale grows to approximately 21 to 23 feet long and weights in at 6 to 10 ton... More »

Dolphins sleep by a process called unihemispheric slow-wave sleep. This kind of sleep is believed to help dolphins and other creatures recover from their daily activities. More »

Dolphins start communicating from birth by squawking, whistling, clicking and squeaking, according to National Geographic. Members of a pod sometimes vocalize in varying patterns simultaneously, much like people holding ... More »

Dolphins reproduce by engaging in intercourse during the female's ovulation period. A female may mate with more than one male dolphin during her fertile time, and males may even travel together with one fertile female an... More »