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Acidic and alkaline foods are foods that have either an acidic or alkalizing effect on the body upon digestion; acidic foods have an acidic effect, and alkaline foods have an alkalizing effect. Generally, most fruits and green vegetables are alkaline foods while meat, fish, eggs and poultry are acid


An acid alkaline foods list classifies foods based on the effect that each food has on the body’s Ph level after it has been digested. Scientists can analyze a food's mineral content by incinerating the food to determine whether it creates an acidic or alkaline ash in the body.


Most vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts and legumes potentially make the human body more alkaline, according to Chatelaine.com. Some vegetables are naturally more alkaline-promoting than others.


According to the acid alkaline diet, alkaline foods such as tofu and tempeh may be substituted for acidic foods such as beef, pork and salmon. In general, plant-based foods are more alkaline than animal-derived foods. Following a vegetarian diet or substituting plant-based foods for meat and dairy w


Some foods that are alkaline and designed to balance out an acidic diet include almonds, amaranth, artichokes, arugula and asparagus. Other alkaline foods include avocados, beetroot, buckwheat, cabbage and celery.


Eating certain components of the raw food diet, including nuts, vegetables, fresh fruit and legumes, alkalinizes the body. The purpose of an alkaline diet is to counteract the acids that foods like meat, cheese, milk, fish, grains, poultry and salt introduce to the body, according to About.com.


Apple cider vinegar is acidic. The main ingredient in apple cider vinegar is acetic acid; therefore, the acid content is quite high.


Wasp venom is slightly alkaline. However, wasp venom is a complicated mixture of many different chemicals. Attempting to relieve the pain from the sting by neutralizing it with an acid does not have much effect, as only a small number of the harmful compounds in the venom are alkaline.


Alkaline water is having a moment—but is it really worth the extra money? Here's what experts have to say about this beverage trend. RD.COM Health Everyday Wellness yanik88/Shutterstock Alkaline water is trending—but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary, or even beneficial, to drink. Health expert Nesoc


Because of this, it leads to the more complicated stage of body acidity which is called severe acidic stage. Symptoms. Cancers, scleroderma, schizophrenia, tuberculosis, Hogkin disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Chron disease and Multiple Sclerosis. How to Neutralize An Acidic Body Naturally?-Drink alkaline water.