Alexander Mackenzie was a Scottish explorer who discovered an overland route across Canada to the Pacific Ocean. His crossing in 1792 was the first east-west crossing of the North American continent made by a European no... More »

Alexander Miles was an African-American inventor who was born in Ohio in 1837. In the late 1850s, he moved to Wisconsin and made a living as a barber. In 1875, Alexander and his wife Candace moved to Duluth, Minnesota, w... More »

Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Straits of Magellan, a passageway through southern South America and the Pacific Ocean. While Magellan receives credit as the first to circumnavigate the world, his slave Enrique was the... More »

During their expedition with the Corps of Discovery, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark traveled approximately 3,700 miles from the city of St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. The expedition left St. Louis on May 14, 1804, a... More »

Facts about Lewis and Clark found on the National Geographic website include how Thomas Jefferson sent them on an expedition out west in 1803 to find a water route leading to the Pacific Ocean. Thomas Jefferson believed ... More » History Modern History Exploration & Imperialism

In their cross-country trip to the Pacific Ocean, Captain Meriwether Lewis and Second Lieutenant William Clark went through Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington... More »

Capt. James Cook was a sailor and British naval officer who is best known for his three voyages of exploration that took place in the Pacific Ocean. During these voyages, Cook's accomplishments included, among other thin... More »