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Sir Alexander Mackenzie (or MacKenzie, Scottish Gaelic: Alasdair MacCoinnich; 1764 – 12 March 1820) was a Scottish explorer known for accomplishing the first east to west crossing of North America north of Mexico, which preceded the more famous Lewis and Clark Expedition by 12 years.


MACKENZIE, Sir ALEXANDER, fur trader, explorer, and author; b. 1764 at Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, third of four children of Kenneth Mackenzie, of Melbost farm (two miles east of Stornoway), and Isabella Maciver, whose family was prominent in the town; m.


Alexander Mackenzie was the second Prime Minister and the first Liberal Prime Minister of Canada. (Not to be confused with the Canadian explorer, Sir Alexander Mackenzie 1764-1820.) He was born in Scotland, the third of ten children. His family was not financially stable, so they moved frequently.


Alexander Mackenzie: Alexander Mackenzie, Scottish-born politician, the first Liberal prime minister of Canada (1873–78). Mackenzie emigrated in 1842 from Scotland to Canada West (now Ontario), where he worked as a stone mason and established himself as a building contractor at Sarnia. His interest in reform led to his


Alexander Mackenzie was born in Scotland on 28 January 1822, one of 10 sons born to Alexander Mackenzie and Mary Stewart Fleming. His father was a carpenter who experienced periods of both prosperity and unemployment. When his father died in 1836 at age 52, his older sons went to work to support the family, including the younger Alexander, who ...


Alexander Mackenzie, Sr., was a carpenter and ship's joiner who had to move around frequently for work after the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815. Mackenzie's father died on 7 March 1836 and at the age of 13, Alexander Mackenzie, Jr., was thus forced to end his formal education to help support his family.


Sir Alexander Mackenzie [1] >The Scottish explorer, fur trader, and businessman Sir Alexander Mackenzie >[2] (ca. 1764-1820) was perhaps the most venturesome of all the explorers of >the Northwest of North America [3]. He was the first to travel overland to >the Pacific Coast.


The Journals and Letters of Sir Alexander Mackenzie (1970); W. Kaye Lamb, “Sir Alexander Mackenzie,” Dictionary of Canadian Biography. External Links. Alexander Mackenzie Heritage TrailThis website describes the heritage trail that follows the route of explorer Alexander Mackenzie. From the British Columbia Adventure Network.


Alexander Mackenzie; his life and times (Toronto, 1892), and Dale C. Thomson, Alexander Mackenzie, Clear Grit (Toronto, 1960). Buckingham and Ross’s effort is accurate and sympathetic, though not entirely uncritical of Mackenzie’s personality and tactics.


Alexander Mackenzie (1822-1892) was a Scottish-born Canadian political leader. He was head of the Liberal party and the first Liberal prime minister of Canada. On Jan. 28, 1822, Alexander Mackenzie was born near Dunkeld. His parents were poor, and young Mackenzie left school to apprentice himself to ...