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Alexander Friedmann was born to the composer and ballet dancer Alexander Friedmann (who was a son of a baptized Jewish cantonist) and the pianist Ludmila Ignatievna Voyachek. Friedmann was baptized into the Russian Orthodox Church as an infant, and lived much of his life in Saint Petersburg.


Alexander Friedmann was a Russian cosmologist and mathematician, who helped develop models that explained the development of the universe.In particular, his solutions to Einstein’s field equations provided early evidence of an expanding universe, and the theoretical underpinnings for both the Big Bang and steady state models of the universe. ...


Alexander A Friedmann: The Man who Made the Universe Expand [Eduard A. Tropp, Viktor Ya. Frenkel, Artur D. Chernin, Alexander Dron, Michael Burov] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Our universe can be described mathematically by a simple model developed in 1922 at Petrograd (St. Petersburg) by Alexander Friedmann (1888-1925).


Alexander Friedmann : biography June 16, 1888 – September 16, 1925 Alexander Alexandrovich Friedmann (also spelled Friedman or Fridman, ) (June 29 (17 old style) by himself, June 16 (4 old style) by J. O’Conor in 1888, Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire – September 16, 1925, Leningrad, USSR) was a Russian and Soviet physicist and mathematician.


Biography of Alexander Friedmann (1888-1925) Born: 16 June 1888 in St Petersburg, Russia Died: 16 September 1925 in Leningrad, USSR (now St Petersburg, Russia again) Click the picture above to see a larger version. Show birthplace location


The Friedmann equations are a set of equations in physical cosmology that govern the expansion of space in homogeneous and isotropic models of the universe within the context of general relativity.They were first derived by Alexander Friedmann in 1922 from Einstein's field equations of gravitation for the Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker metric and a perfect fluid with a given mass ...


Russian Physicist and Mathematician. He is best known for his pioneering theory that the universe was expanding, governed by a set of equations he developed now known as the Friedmann equations. Alexander Friedmann was born to the composer and ballet dancer Alexander Friedmann (who was a son of a baptized Jewish...


Alexander Friedmann and the origins of modern cosmology Friedmann, who died young in 1925, deserves to be called the father of Big Bang cosmology. But his seminal contributions have been widely misrepresented and undervalued. Ari Belenkiy has taught mathematics at Bar Ilan University in Ramat-Gan, Israel and at the British Columbia Institute of ...


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The man who came up with the expanding universe theory? Alexander Friedmann, a Russian physicist whose set of equations furthered Einstein's model. Right now, you expect us to claim Friedmann as a Jew, but that's not so simple: his Jewish grandfather converted to Christianity. Obviously, Einstein wasn't the only one who made mistakes...