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Some of the most popular fancy alcoholic beverages are the French 75, Boulevardier, Ramos Gin Fizz, Mint Julep and Cosmopolitan. Other impressive cocktails include the Pisco Sour, Tom Collins, Whiskey Sour, Mai Tai and Last Word.


A glass of wine may have between 0.5 and 1.5 grams of sugar, while a shot of hard liquor, such as whiskey, has almost no sugar. The amounts of sugar vary between different alcohol brands and recipes.


Some of the most popular after dinner drinks include cognac, brandy and scotch. Sweeter fortified wines such as ports and sherries are also popular, as are cordials, sweet cocktails and shooters made with a variety of liqueurs. Hot drinks made with coffee and spirits ar...


Some AMC theaters and a number of smaller chains and independent theaters serve beer, wine and cocktails. Due to their popularity with adult moviegoers, the number of theaters that serve alcoholic beverages to consumers continues to grow according to the Los Angeles Tim...


Twisted Tea is a malt liquor beverage that contains tea, flavorings and malted barley. It is manufactured by the Twisted Tea Brewing Company that operates out of Cincinnati, Ohio.


Wine is the main alcoholic beverage known to contain higher amounts of sulfites, but some wine brands that claim they contain no sulfites are: Frey Vineyards, Coturri Winery, Stellar Organics, Pierre Frick and Spartico Wines. Most alcoholic beverages contain a certain a...


Alcoholic beverage distribution follows a three-tier system in all but 18 states in the United States. This distribution system seeks to prevent a monopoly in the production and sale of alcoholic beverages and secure an accurate collection of taxes.