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Mayo Clinic notes that alcoholism is a serious, chronic disease characterized by negative medical, social and personal consequences caused by an inability to control intake. The condition is influenced by genetics, social pressure and other environmental factors and an ever-increasing physical depen


Signs of alcoholism may include the inability to control alcohol consumption, the tendency to hide drinking or to drink alone and a strong urge to drink, as listed by Mayo Clinic. Alcoholics may also have built up a tolerance to alcohol, so that more is needed for the same effect.


Alcohol can be made from just about any type of plant matter, as well as from fossil fuels, biomass and from combining carbon dioxide and water. Synthetic alcohol and alcohol produced from petrochemicals and biomass is used as fuel. Consumable alcohol is made from a variety of fruits and grains plus


Alcohol, when consumed on a daily basis in serious moderation, can have some health benefits. Cardiovascular benefits can occur for those who drink one alcoholic beverage per day. However, this is not the norm of many drinkers, even moderate ones.


Signs of alcoholism include an inability to limit alcohol consumption, feeling a strong need to drink, or habitually drinking alone, notes Mayo Clinic. Not all alcoholics suffer from all of the symptoms, but they often suffer from more than one.


Some symptoms of alcoholism include inability to limit amount of alcohol intake, drinking alone or in private, irritability when usual time for drinking nears and legal or financial problems. Individuals that drink too much alcohol frequently are at a greater risk of developing alcoholism or alcohol


Alcoholic drinks that start with the letter "B" range from common ones, such as beer and brandy, to more complex cocktails, such as a black unicorn and a burning cherry. A great way to try out new cocktails is to pick out a few at a time that start with a specific letter.


Adaptive, dependence, progression and conclusion are the stages of alcoholism. Alcoholism is a progressive and chronic disease. It affects people from all races, age and gender.


Alcohol is considered a drug because it acts as a depressant. Under the influence of heavy alcohol, the speech becomes slurred and there is loss of coordination and control on movements.


Wood alcohol, or methanol, is a poisonous ingredient that is often found in paint remover, according to The New York Times. It is also known as methyl alcohol.