The Alcatel One Touch Fierce is a competitively priced, prepaid smartphone for use on the T-Mobile and MetroPCS networks. It was released in 2013 and comes in two colors, slate and brushed silver. More » Technology Mobile

Alcatel One Touch is an international brand of mobile and Internet devices that was established in 2004 as a joint venture between two companies, TCL Communication, founded in China, and Alcatel-Lucent, founded in France... More » Technology Mobile

A majority of expert reviews for the Alcatel One Touch Evolve tend to be positive but there are mixed and negative reviews as well. Reviewers on 91mobiles give positive reviews for its price, design and quick Web browsin... More » Technology Mobile

Providers like T-Mobile, Boost Mobile and LG all stock and sell Alcatel one touch phones in a variety of colors, editions and price ranges along with their various service plans. Buyers can compare service providers befo... More » Technology Mobile

The Cellularvilla Pu Leather Wallet Case for Alcatel One Touch and the Black Rugged Case for Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2 are both highly rated cases. has user reviews for cases that fit almost any phone. More » Technology Mobile

Before switching from AT&T to T-Mobile, check the technical specifications of the phone to make sure it supports the data options you want to use. While both AT&T and T-Mobile use Global System for Mobile Communications ... More » Technology Mobile

While MetroPCS doesn't sell Samsung Galaxy Note phones as of March 2015, it was acquired by T-Mobile in 2013, so Samsung Galaxy Note phones designed to work with T-Mobile's network work with MetroPCS. However, only GSM p... More » Technology Mobile