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May 30, 1984 due to the efforts of the Junior Forest Warden Association of Alberta. It was used in the early 1900s for the production of railway ties, and is as a resource for the production of poles, posts, pulp and plywood in Alberta's forestry industry.: Floral


Lily, Tulips and Iris serve as National Flowers of various countries. Did you know? The Rose is the national flower of the United States, the United Kingdom and the Maldives. It is also the official flower of several states and the province of Alberta. The rose once served as Honduras' national flower as well.


Alberta Arborists or Edmonton Tree removal are the top two companies that provide services to Alberta. They provide all types of services, from pruning to tree removal and stump grinding.


The Pacific dogwood has been British Columbia’s floral emblem since 1956. These big, white flowers bloom on tall trees in April and May. Alberta. Wild Rose (Rosa acicularis) Alberta school children chose the pink, prickly wild rose as Alberta’s flower in 1930. It grows across Canada from Quebec to British Columbia Saskatchewan. Western Red Lily


Bird - Great Horned Owl. Adopted on May 3, 1977, following a province-wide children's vote, the Great Horned Owl, Bubo virginianus, resides in Alberta throughout the year and was selected to symbolize the growing concern of diminishing wildlife, not only in Alberta, but throughout the world.


On September 1, 1905, the Canadian government adopted the Saskatchewan Act and the Alberta Act, and two new provinces joined Canada. Alberta adopted the wild rose (Rosa acicularis) as its official flower in 1930. The editor of an Edmonton newspaper suggested that a provincial floral emblem be ...


All the Wildflower photo's on the following pages were taken in Alberta, Canada. If anyone would like to help identify them, name and recognition will be provided.


This is a list of the symbols of the provinces and territories of Canada.Each province and territory has a unique set of official symbols.


Since Canada has no national flower, there is a national leaf for the country even though there's a flower for each province and territory. It is the maple leaf. The maple leaf is a symbol of ...


Canada does not have an officially designated national flower. However, each of the 10 Canadian provinces has an official flower. These 10 provinces comprise the second-largest country in the world.