Albert Einstein's family tree begins with his parents, salesman and engineer Hermann Einstein and homemaker Pauline Koch Einstein. Albert was born in 1879, and his sister, Maja, followed two years later. More » Family Genealogy

Albert Einstein had three children, Lieserl, Hans Albert and Eduard. Lieserl was born in 1902 and either died of illness or was placed for adoption. Hans Albert was born in 1904, and Eduard was born in 1910. Einstein's t... More » Family Genealogy

Prepare to draw a family tree by collecting and categorizing family history information. Gather the resources and art supplies necessary to complete the project. Draw the family tree based on the collected information, u... More » Family Genealogy

Searching for distant relatives can be done through older, time-honored methods such as contacting known relatives for a family history or family tree and talking to neighbors or community members. Modern approaches, lik... More » Family Genealogy

A first step in determining your family coat of arms is to complete your family tree. Doing so may lead you to an ancestor surname that was granted a coat of arms. If so, contact the College of Arms or appropriate entity... More »

The family tree of Egyptian pharaoh Khufu is extensive, according to Wikipedia. notes that his father was Snefru, also an Egyptian pharaoh. His mother was Hetepheres I, who served as Egypt's queen. More » Family Genealogy

Free family tree research is available through, and, which is the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's General Land Office. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day S... More » Family Genealogy