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But keep calm, we are here to help you with a list of names that are just perfect for the Alaskan Husky. Some names are in keeping with their origin as a breed, others are borrowed from other languages. The Alaskan dog needs a special name, because - well - they are just so darn cute.


Explore 101 Husky dog names and meanings, including famous names and perfect names for male or female dogs. Learn about the Siberian Husky dog breed and discover thousands of other names that fit any breed of dog.


Alaskan Huskies are very popular in areas where it snows very heavily. This article lists some Alaskan husky names for those who are looking for unique ones for their pets.


Do you own a Siberian Husky or an Alaskan Malamute? Or perhaps you live in Alaska and simply want a name that matches where you live! Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered with a variety of Alaskan dog names.


Siberian Husky names. As the breed name suggests, Siberian Huskies originated from Siberia. They were bred by the Chuckchi (even this could make a great Husky name!) who were extremely dependent on their help, pulling sleds in the snow and ice.


Thousands of names for your new Alaskan Malamute bundle of joy. I've researched high and low to come up with names for your new puppy. Hope you find one you love!


Alaskan dog names are perfect if you have an Alaskan breed like the Husky, Malamute or American Eskimo. Or really, if you have any type of northern dog breed. They’re also a great choice if you hail from Alaska, love to visit or are simply fascinated with “The Last Frontier” state.


14. Juneau: This is the name of the capital of Alaska and is a great name for your Alaskan husky. 15. Laika: This is one of my favorite female husky dog names on this list. It was the name of the husky who was officially the first dog in space. 16. Maple: This name comes from a type of tree. 17. Chinook: This is the Native American name of a warm wind and a species of salmon.


A List of the Most Popular Eskimo Husky Names and their Meanings Eskimo Huskies are extremely beautiful companion dogs. In this article, DogAppy picks out some of the most popular names that go with their lovely personality, for you to choose from.


Alaskan Huskies tend to vary as greatly in personality as in color and appearance. However, generally speaking, the Alaskan Husky is a very affectionate dog. There are several types of Alaskan Husky, varying in disposition and appearance due to the variety of breeds used to create them according to their intended function.