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Knowing the difference between a high school diploma and a high school certificate of completion is important to your child’s future. If your child has an IEP, think carefully before you agree to modifications. They may impact her ability to get a diploma.


This Plan of Instruction is to be used with an adult who earned an Alabama High School Certificate of Attendance, but did not pass the Alabama High School Graduation Exam. 11/6/2017 11:31 AM: Non Traditional High School Diploma Option: ACCS Plan of Instruction for Option 2 - revised 8-15-2017: ACCS Plan of Instruction for Option 2 - revised 8 ...


Laws vary by state, but there are generally two ways to receive credit for officially completing high school. You can go the traditional route of receiving a high school diploma, or you can earn a certificate of completion. There are some important differences between the two graduation documents.

www.alsde.edu/sec/ec/Out of State Certs/(A) Application Part 1 of 2 (Supplement...

An individual may reinstate an Alabama certificate. 3. ... This credit must have been earned prior to the date of program completion and must not have been ... (educational administration, library media, school counseling, school psychometry, school psychology, sport management, or supervision).


You are a pro at creating curriculum and managing your time, but how do you show everyone else that your child has completed his or her high school education? There are several options for a certificate of homeschool completion, but you cannot choose the best option for your child until you know what you intend to do with it.


As desirable as the diploma is, some students find the diploma an unrealistic goal and will conclude their high school career with a Certificate of Completion. A Certificate of Completion is not an academic credential and there are no state course or grade requirements necessary to earn a certificate of completion.


What is a certificate of completion? If that’s what you’re thinking right now then here is some useful info for you. First of all, you need to understand the difference between a certification of completion and a high school diploma.Though the laws vary based on state, there are generally two ways of completing high school: a high school diploma and a certificate of completion.


Hi-School – Certificate of Completion The “Certificate of Completion or Attendance” that is being offered in lieu of high school diplomas, is a part of Bush’s “No Child Left Behind”.


Students who successfully complete high school in the United States typically receive one of two distinct credentials: a diploma, which signifies that all graduation requirements were met; or a certificate of completion, which represents that a student met all course requirements, but fell short in some other respect.The most common reason a student may receive a certificate instead of a ...


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