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Alabama law requires a division of marital property to be equitable, meaning that it must be fair. Some couples are able to agree on their own about how to divide property, while others use the help of attorneys or a mediator to negotiate a settlement.


Alabama has specific divorce laws pertaining to child custody, alimony, child support and residency during divorce.


Alabama Marital Property Laws: Related Resources. Sorting out marital property issues during a divorce can be complex, emotionally and legally. You can contact an Alabama divorce attorney if you would like legal assistance with a divorce or marital property matter.


Code of AL: Title 30, Chapter 2 - Divorce and Alimony. Text of Alabama Divorce and Alimony Code from Alabama Legislative Information System Online (ALISON). Custody Forms. Instructions and forms for child custody provided by the Alabama State Bar Committee on Pro Se Forms, and Alabama UJS forms from the Alabama Office of Courts. Divorce Forms


Property Distribution Laws in Alabama In Alabama, the courts generally accept a fair and reasonable property division the parties agree to, but if the parties cannot agree, the Circuit Court divides the marital estate within the Judgment of Divorce. Alabama is an equitable distribution state. Equitable does not mean equal, or even half, but ...


What you need to know about property division in an Alabama divorce. The laws that determine how property and debts are divided during divorce are different in each state. Alabama, like roughly half of all U.S. states, follows a system called “equitable distribution.”


Alabama law dictates how the courts divide property in divorces in the state. These laws establish not only what property gets divided, but also how the courts must distribute it. Always seek the counsel of an Alabama attorney if you need legal advice about Alabama divorce law.


Alabama case law, Alabama is an . Alabama Property Division Factors In Alabama, the property and debt issues are typically settled between the parties by a signed Marital Settlement Agreement or the property award is actually order and decreed by the Circuit Court within the Judgment of Divorce.


A Alabama property division order is a court order issued by a court order issued by a judge, describing how property is to be divided between spouses following a divorce. A property division order is a binding legal obligation, and failure to comply with the terms in full by either spouse can result in being charged with contempt of court .


Alabama Divorce and Family Law. ... Get started here to learn the laws, rules and what you should consider when getting a divorce in Alabama. How Do I File for Divorce in Alabama. Have you decided on getting a divorce? Learn about the process of filing for divorce in Alabama. ... Alabama Divorce: Dividing Property. Find out how marital property ...