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The aircraft gross weight (also known as the all-up weight (AUW)) is the total aircraft weight at any moment during the flight or ground operation. [1] [2] [3] An aircraft's gross weight will decrease during a flight due to fuel and oil consumption.


The empty weight of an aircraft is the weight of the aircraft without including passengers, baggage, or fuel. Standard empty weight usually includes unusable fuel, full operating fluids, and full engine oil.


It is the weight of the aircraft "as built" and includes the weight of the structure, power plant, furnishings, installations, systems and other equipment that are considered an integral part of an aircraft.


List of airliners by maximum takeoff weight. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is a list of aircraft sorted by maximum takeoff weight. Airplanes. MTOW = Maximum take-off weight, MLW = Maximum landing weight, TOR = Take-off run (SL, ISA+15°, MTOW ...


4.1. Aircraft gross weight The aircraft gross weight is the total aircraft weight at any moment during the flight or ground operation. The aircraft gross weight decreases during flight due to fuel and oil consumption. The aircraft gross weight may also vary during flight due to payload dropping or in-flight refueling. 4.2.


This instructable explains the process of finding the center of gravity for the weight and balance of an aircraft. This is an important process when piloting an aircraft because the location affects performance characteristics of the aircraft and if it is out of acceptable limits the aircraft may be uncontrollable.


The weight of an airplane depends on its size, type and configuration. The FAA classifies aircraft into six weight classes, the smallest being for airplanes under 12,500 pounds and the largest being for airplanes over 300,000 pounds.


How much do airliners typically weigh in tons? The heaviest: Airbus A380, maximum takeoff weight 574 metric tons or Antanov An225 maximum takeoff weight 592 metric tons The lightest is harder to define as what is the smallest aircraft to be called...


iFly Weight and Balance for iPad (free)—Users can create weight and balance systems for any aircraft, and it begins with a pre-set starting weight. From there, you just add passengers, baggage, takeoff fuel, and landing fuel, and you’re good to go!