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To confirm an airline reservation, visit the airline's website, and select the link for airline reservations. Enter your confirmation code or records locator number in the proper boxes, and select the Search link. The exact airline reservation confirmation method depends on the airline carrier you u


It is relatively easy to make a reservation on Spirit Airlines online. Reservations can be made directly by visiting the Spirit Airlines website.


To find information about a reservation on Spirit Airlines, a passenger visits the airline's website, Spirit.com. The customer accesses the reservation information by clicking the Manage Travel tab. A box appears where the traveler enters his last name and confirmation code from the reservation.


Airline and third-party ticket vendor sites, such as Expedia, allow users to verify reservations by entering the confirmation code and last name. Another option is to call the airline's customer service number to get confirmation.


The Spirit Airlines website has a booking utility which allows passengers to register contact information and verify a payment method, then pay remotely for tickets in order to book their flights. This utility streamlines the travel process and also allows travelers to book rental cars and hotel sta


To make a Southwest Airlines reservation, visit Southwest.com, and make an online booking. Alternatively, use the toll-free telephone number for reservations listed under More Contact Numbers in Call Us on the Contact Us page.


As of 2015, Spirit Airlines accepts air travel reservations on its website along with other travel reservations such as those for hotels, cars and cruises. Users may reserve a hotel, rental car or both along with a flight in one consolidated transaction.


Some ways to pick a good airline seat reservation include choosing the seat at the time of booking and avoiding middle seats, seats in the back of the plane, and seats close to the bathrooms and galleys. Websites such as SeatGuru.com and SeatExpert.com recommend desirable seats as well as those to a


Check reservations for a flight on Sun Country Airlines by visiting the Manage Travel section of its website, as of 2015. This page allows customers to view a current itinerary, manage future trips, check in for an upcoming flight or make changes to any future travel plans.


As of August 2015, flight reservations for United Airlines can be booked online through the company's website at United.com or by telephone at 1-800-864-8331 in the United States and Canada. Hearing disabled guests can call 1-800-323-0170 to make reservations using hearing impaired services. Reserva