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“This is the second time I had a airbag control module reset here, both times the turn around time was short, had the module back in about a weeks time. Great quality work, the airbag light stays off like they say. I would have got my seat belts reset here too if i had realized that they can do that before I got new ones.


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A SERVICE to RESET your OEM SRS AIRBAG MODULE SRS Airbag Module Reset After Accident - Crash Data & Hard Codes Erased ... Why does the SRS airbag control module need to be reset? ... An airbag module replacement cost can easily exceed $1,000 when buying new from the dealer. Used airbag modules may be cheaper at a few hundred dollars.


Airbag Module reset & Seatbelt repair Our goal is to provide quality reset and repair service Visit shop Get in touch Welcome to SRSModule Airbag Seatbelt service Our shipping address:SRSModulePOBox 26Freeville NY 13068 If you have questions: Call us today: 1.800.818.4498 Our Services SRS Airbag Module Reset We offer crash data removal from SRS airbag …


Airbag Control Module Types: During a collision the airbag control module receives information from the impact sensor, which then, relays a signal to deploy the airbags. The airbag sensor is then locked until it is either replaced or reprogrammed. Each vehicle can have many types of modules depending on which SRS features were equipped with the ...


To install your airbag control module: All airbag srs components must be installed and connected properly before installing the airbag control module. This includes air bags, seat belts, clock spring and impact sensors. Disconnect the battery and bolt down the module and then connect the harness wiring plugs. Wait 3 minutes before installing ...


How often do Air Bag Control Modules need replacement? The Airbag Control Module is designed to operate for the lifetime of the vehicle. On many vehicles, however, the module must be replaced if one or more airbags are deployed in a crash.


Did a dealer or repair shop want to sell you a NEW module? WE REPAIR COMPUTERS WE DON'T JUST RESET THEM. Crash Data Full, Latch Codes, B1051, B0052, B1001, B1231, B1193, Code 7, and many flood vehicles can be repaired and at a fraction of the replacement cost. ... Airbag Systems will REPAIR your computer back to "LIKE NEW" condition. Program ...


The companies listed here offer SRS / Airbag restraint control system repair of your existing airbag unit. Meaning you mail your airbag module, they repair and reset it to original factory setting, clear all the codes and send it back. This is necessary when your airbag light stays on after an accident.