Heating pipes can make noise for a number of reasons but the most common is high water pressure. This is often referred to as ?water hammer? and happens when water pressure in the pipes is above 80 psi and moves rapidly ... More »

Benefits of residential steam heating systems include fewer moving parts, relatively quiet operation, longer life than forced-air systems and zone heating. However, builders rarely install steam systems in new homes due ... More »

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Hot water home heating system maintenance requires an annual inspection by a professional service technician and an annual flush of mineral deposits and rust from the boiler. Periodic maintenance tasks include checks of ... More »

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Water pipes that make a lot of noise when people run water can be caused by high water pressure, loose mounting straps or even a water hammer. Troubleshooting a water system is an important part of home maintenance becau... More »

Toilets can make noise for many reasons: the most common are bad fill valves, calcium deposits inside pipes and leaky toilet valves. In most cases, a cleaning or replacement is needed to correct the problem. More »

There are a number of reasons why a toilet may make noise after flushing; however, a loud noise that takes more than a minute after flushing the toilet may indicate a restricted water flow or a problem with water pressur... More »

High water pressure, loose mounting straps and water hammers are some of the reasons water pipes make noise, according to James Carey and Morris Carey, authors of "Home Maintenance For Dummies." Fixing these problems red... More »

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