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On January 6, 2017, I bid farewell to the Air Force. Those friends and mentors who retired before me always said how challenging it was for them to sum their careers up into a 15 minute speech.


Below is the retirement speech I gave just about 4 years ago. Looking back on it, it is amazing to see that some of the things I spoke about I didn't really know about.


I guess that you and I are striking something of a balance; a former CIA director running the Pentagon, an Air Force guy out at Langley. Now that I’m retiring and leaving the service, are you going to reenlist? (Laughter.) CIA Director Michael V. Hayden speaks at his Air Force retirement ceremony. I’ve been in the Air Force for almost 40 years.


A retirement speech isn’t meant to be a detailed rundown of your history with your soon-to-be ex-employer. Rather, it is a chance to show your gratitude for the opportunities you had there. Tailor your talk to the attendees.


7+ Retirement Speech Examples & Samples in PDF It is an undeniable truth that each and everyone of us will have our time to part ways. A concrete example of this situation is a retirement.


Chairman Dunford, Secretary James, elected officials, friends and family, members of the Air Force family and our broader DOD family -- past, present, future -- privileged to be here today, as we ...


By Patrick McMeel, 2003 Note after 17 years as Speechwriter for Commander, Naval Reserve Forces, John "Patrick" McMeel retired 31 July 2003 - he passed on this advise and sample speeches.


Examples of Writing a Short Speech; Commemorative Speech Examples; Writing a retirement speech is no easy work. It’s not easy to enumerate the number of years of hard work and service in just a short speech. So here are some helpful ways to ace your retirement speech. You may also see introduction speech.


Choose the Mood: A retirement speech should not sound like a eulogy at a funeral, but on the other hand, it should not sound like a stand up comedy show either. For a great retirement speech, it is good to pick a mood. The best speeches should have a good balance of sincerity and humor.


This may be the greatest Navy Retirement Speech Ever. My friend Tom served 26 years of Naval Service. Fair Winds and Following Seas.