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Examples of being fair include playing by the rules, taking turns, sharing and listening to others. Additional examples include being open-minded and allowing everyone an equal opportunity to succeed.


A job fair is an event where companies send recruiters to advertise job openings, collect resumes and screen potential employees. Some job fairs attract college students or recent graduates, and others target a specific sector, such as health care or education.


A "fair test" is one designed to be free of bias. Such tests can be repeated and include a control. In science, conditions between tests are identical with only one variable changing.


A “fair test” refers to an experiment that is carefully controlled to ensure that the information gathered is reliable. Fair tests are used in the fields of science, psychology and medicine, among other disciplines. To guarantee the validity of an experiment, a control group is utilized, biases are


Scrap car prices are difficult to predict, but they're typically around the cost of the salvageable parts still in the vehicle combined with the value of the metal. Since these prices also vary, the best way to find a fair scrap value is to call local yards and request quotes.


A fair price for a radiator flush is a figure in line with the national average, which is between $10 and $200, as of 2015. This figure depends upon several variables, including the age, make and model of the car and the type and amount of coolant used.


Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 is known as the Fair Housing Act. It prohibits discrimination by housing providers against individuals based on disability, familial status, national origin, race or color, religion or sex.


Common fair rides include the Merry-Go-Round, Sky Glider, Kamikaze, Bumper cars, Ferris Wheel and Spider. Additional rides commonly seen at fairs are the Matterhorn, Scrambler, Wipe Out, Tilt-A-Whirl, Star Flyer and Roller Coaster.


The fair market value of a car can be determined based on the year, make, model, mileage and condition of the vehicle. The car's history can also greatly alter its fair market value. The Kelley Blue Book is a great resource for accurately determining your car's fair market value.


In order to determine a fair estimate for contractor pricing, determine the specific details of the project such as the project's expected completion, quality, materials and work; obtain at least two bids from a contractor and compare the bids to the average costs using a project calculator or an on