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American Residential Services, LLC, or ARS, provides air conditioning services including air conditioner service and repair, air conditioner installation and preventative maintenance, as of 2015. ARS also provides air conditioner services for air conditioner systems and components.


Low-income households may qualify for subsidies to cover the cost of air conditioning through the LIHEAP program. These programs are administered by local governments and do not always provide funds for purchasing new air conditioners, but local charity programs sometimes make these available to vul


Air conditioners work by transferring heat energy from inside the home to the exterior. Liquid refrigerant absorbs heat from the home, becomes a gas, and travels to the outside. A compressor and condenser then converts it back to a liquid, and it releases the energy, thus beginning the cycle again.


The first steps a buyer takes to find air conditioning products are to understand what he needs and find stores that offer the products. Some of the stores that offer air conditioning products as of 2015 include ACPShutters.com, Airedale.com and Daikin.com. These websites offer products that range f


Some common air conditioning problems include refrigerant leaks and drainage issues. Electrical control failures and sensor problems may also plague some air conditioning units. Inadequate maintenance that leads to dirty filters or condenser coils can also cause problems for owners.


Cool an air conditioning unit by building a shelter to shade it from the sun. When the sun shines on the side of the house, the entire wall heats up and transfers heat to the air conditioning unit. Therefore, planting trees or building a large shelter to shade the whole wall can be a good way to kee


Air conditioning systems use a refrigerant to replace hot with cold air. The refrigerant is sent in a loop where it absorbs heat inside, removes it on the outside and cools it before it enters the inside again, according to LiveScience.


Comparison points for air conditioner units include the BTU rating, energy efficiency, ease of use, price and special features, such as adjustable air flow, dehumidifying setting and programmable temperature control. Choosing an air conditioner that is correctly sized is essential. The other feature


An air conditioner cover is used to protect the unit from different elements such as snow and ice during the off season. Covering the air conditioner stops debris from becoming lodged inside. The cover keeps the coils clean, which helps the unit run more efficiently during the next season.


There are several types of air conditioners, including self-contained window units, portable air conditioners with window exhaust kits, split central air conditioning systems and split ductless air conditioners. In addition, there are reversible air conditioners called heat pumps that can warm a hom