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A typical 1- to 3-inch air conditioner filter should be replaced every two months, according to Service Experts. If the air conditioner is in a seldom-used home, or if the home is occupied by one person with no pets, then the filter should be replaced every six to 12 months.


Filters are in almost every air conditioner manufactured, and they are generally located upstream of the evaporator coil. The filters can be located in the air return grille or special duct slots. The primary reasons for filters are to clean the air being cooled and to protect the cooling equipment.


Air conditioners need filters to clean debris, such as dust and dirt, from the air. Without a filter, dust and dirt can travel directly to the air conditioner's evaporator coil and cause damage to the system.


An air filter is located above the evaporator coil in an air conditioner, typically in a special slot within the duct system or inside the return grille. The air filter is made of paper and is either folded fuzzy-looking.


An individual can easily change the filter on an air conditioning unit by purchasing a compatible replacement filter and locating the filter chamber on the model of the unit. The power should be turned off when removing and replacing the old filter.


Most filters on an air conditioner should be cleaned or changed once every three to nine months. The frequency may depend on the recommendations in the owner's manual for the specific unit and on the amount of allergens or dust in the geographic area.


To change the filter on an in-wall air conditioner, a person needs to locate the air filter, take it out of the unit, and place a replacement in the unit. It is important to identify the filter type and size before purchasing a new filter.


Self-cleaning air conditioner filters work on a timer, which triggers the cleaning mechanism. Known as the Daikin Self Cleaning Roundflow Cassette air conditioning system, this is a Japanese invention that uses cassettes rather than traditional filters. These Daikin units are wall-mounted and requir


To remove the filter of a frozen air conditioner, allow the unit to defrost for at least an hour, switch it off, and remove the front panel to uncover and remove the filter. Use warm water and a laundry detergent to get rid of dirt and debris on the filter.


To replace the air filter in your car, lift the lid from the air cleaner, and pull the air filter out. Put a new air filter where the old one was, and secure the lid back into place.