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The best brands of air conditioners are Hitachi, LG, Carrier and Samsung, according to a 2013 review by Before Its News. Listcrux affirms the dominance and staying power of these four brands by listing them in their top 10 air conditioner brands in the world for 2014.


The first known person to invent a forced hot air furnace was William Strutt, who invented a cast iron and brick hot air furnace in England in 1805; however, the first person who came up with the idea of circulating warm air to heat a building is unknown. Hot air heating systems were in use in Europ


Comfort-Aire manufactures its air conditioners in a facility in Jackson, Michigan. The Comfort-Aire product line offers heating, cooling and dehumidifying products for residential, industrial and commercial use.


A water-cooled air conditioner takes stress off the compressor by using water vapor to remove heat from the refrigerant. Commercial buildings typically use this technology in their split-system air conditioning systems, but residential units are also available. Water-cooled air conditioners are usua


The American engineer Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner. Carrier devised the first modern system of air conditioning in an attempt to resolve various quality issues at the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company in Brooklyn. The system was put into operation in July 19


Filters are in almost every air conditioner manufactured, and they are generally located upstream of the evaporator coil. The filters can be located in the air return grille or special duct slots. The primary reasons for filters are to clean the air being cooled and to protect the cooling equipment.


Detailed reviews of the top air conditioners are available on a number of websites, such as TopTenReviews, ConsumerSearch and SAC-RC. Reviewed products include window-mounted air conditioners for small to large rooms, central air conditioners and portable air conditioners.


The content for air conditioner manuals varies by type of unit, model and brand, often highlighting unique features and operational parameters of different appliances. Typically, an air conditioner owner's manual contains safety precautions, diagrams of the unit, installation instructions, operation


The heat pump inside an air conditioner is the method by which the unit removes heat from indoor air. The system consists of a set of evaporator coils indoors to absorb heat, a set of condenser coils outdoors to release heat, and a coolant to carry heat between the two.


An air conditioner coil is the part that turns a liquid chemical such as Freon into a gas and absorbs heat while creating cool air. The coil functions as a heat exchanger, because it draws out heat and creates the cool air that blows out of the air conditioner.