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"Agriculture" is the cultivation of land for effective crop growth and raising of livestock. Farmers engage directly in agriculture by preparing soil, planting crops, harvesting those crops and preparing them for transportation. They also bale hay, grow pastures and buy seed to raise livestock.


The advent of agriculture is viewed as a turning point in the development of civilization. Instead of having everyone hunt and gather, cultures could have a small group of people grow the food needed to feed the entire population. After the implementation of agriculture, people in these cultures cou


Agriculture affects most aspects of everyday life from experiences of culture and providing the food people eat to underpinning and enabling the economic processes that let people accrue wealth and prosper. Agriculture allows for the existence of cities by decentralizing food supplies and distributi


Farming is important because it provides food and jobs in a society. Industrial farming provides a large amount of food for a relatively low cost. Family farming improves the local land and reduces the family's dependency on commercially grown food and grocery stores.


Agriculture is important to human beings because it forms the basis for food security. It helps human beings grow the most ideal food crops and raise the right animals with accordance to environmental factors.


Biotechnology provides farmers with tools that help reduce the cost of production and the emission of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, biotechnology makes farming more manageable, as it introduces farmers to innovative practices designed to enhance global crop yields.


Agriculture jobs include managerial roles with a farm or orchard, physical labor jobs harvesting and processing agricultural products, public relations careers representing farms, or scientific jobs studying different aspects of a crop or the farming process. Other jobs include educational roles tea


Ranching, dry and irrigated farming, mixed farming, single and multi-crop farming, diversified farming and specialized farming are all types of farming. Specialized farming can be further broken down into dairy farming, raising sheep or raising cattle.


Agricultural technology varies from the inventions of hoes and rakes to more advanced tools that include rainwater analysis and collection. Technology has primarily been adapted in the agricultural industry to help farmers increase their production yields and processes.


Traditional agriculture is a type of farming that uses techniques developed over decades or centuries to ensure good, sustainable yield over time in a specific area or region. Traditional farms are based around mixed crops that complement one another.