As of 2015, the minimum age to obtain a fishing license in Texas is 17, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Youth residents and non-residents under 17 are allowed to fish without a license. More » Government & Politics Law Legal Ages

Texas fishing licenses are available for purchase online at the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, as well as at 1,700 retail stores in the state, including sporting good stores, groceries, department stores and gun shops... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Water Sports & Activities

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the cost of a recreational fishing state fishing license in 2015 ranges from free to $68, depending on a variety of factors. Recreational license fees are based on re... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Water Sports & Activities

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, all workers need to be at over the age of 14 to legally work in Texas. However, Texas Child Labor Laws include all workers under the age of 18. More »

There is no written law specifying the minimum age for a babysitter in Texas. However, the state Department of Family and Protective Services makes several recommendations for child care on its web site. More »

According to the City of Austin, the drinking age in Texas is 21. Before buying alcohol in a store, bar or restaurant, customers are often asked to show photo ID with proof of age. More »

It is not legal to move out at the age of 17 in Texas, unless one has been emancipated by the courts. In the State of Texas, the "age of majority" is 18 years old, according to FindLaw. Therefore, a minor who is 17 years... More »