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Factors to look for in aftermarket wheel caps include affordability, quality and wheel cap design. This is because the wheel caps serve both a practical and a decorative purpose.


To properly install aftermarket wheel center caps, first remove the existing hubcap. Position the cap so its bent section curves around the air valve. Align the metal rings on the aftermarket cap with the mounting legs on the wheel. Start at the top of the wheel and, working clockwise, firmly push t


Custom wheel center caps are available from retailers that specialize in custom printing, such as Upstream Center Caps, eDecals.com and 3D Car Stickers. Upstream Center Caps sells caps with custom logo designs; eDecals.com and 3D Car Stickers sell custom printed stickers for customers to apply to bl


An aftermarket car part is any part of a vehicle that is not sourced from the car's manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are reverse engineered from the original parts, sometimes improved upon if weaknesses are discovered.


Custom wheel caps are available through services like Upstream Center Caps. The center of the wheel cap can be customized with any design.


Some examples of good aluminum wheel cleaners are the Detailer's Pro Series Wheel Cleaner and Sonax Wheel Cleaner. These cleaners are effective and non-acidic to clean the wheel without spotting.


As of 2015, companies offering aftermarket center consoles include J.C. Whitney, RealTruck.com and Auto Barn. New York based-Auto Barn, doing business since 1957, serves consumers throughout the United States and Canada with universal-type consoles and specific models for cars, minivans, Jeeps and t


Aftermarket auto parts are any parts for a vehicle that are not produced by the car's maker, according to Edmunds.com. This can include parts that directly replace a broken or worn out part or parts that are designed for performance enhancement.


Aftermarket stocks are stocks that are traded during the aftermarket trading hours that occur after the stock market's regular trading hours. The hours when aftermarket stock trading takes place are between 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Eastern.


Fifth wheel covers, adjustment brackets, sliding fifth wheels, hitch anchors and sound dampeners, which fit between the fifth wheel and the mounting rails to eliminate rattles when driving, are among the types of aftermarket parts available for fifth wheel campers. Fifth wheel covers range from desi