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Steering Wheel Position Sensor. Air Bag Impact Sensor ... Air Bag Retaining Frame. Horn Contact Ring. Air Bag Side Impact Sensor Module Connector. Helpful Automotive Resources. June 16, 2020. Best Car Upgrades If you’re like most enthusiasts, you simply cannot leave your car alone. You have to add a set of aftermarket wheels, a performance ...


Racing & Aftermarket Steering Wheels. Steer your way to the finish line with our huge in-stock selection of racing and aftermarket steering wheels in every conceivable style, including two-, three-, and four-spoke. We also offer a variety of finishes, grip materials, and steering wheel diameters. Choose from the industry’s leading brands ...


A: In recent years, certain aftermarket steering wheel manufacturers have started producing airbag-equipped wheels for newer, popular applications (such as newer Ford Mustangs), so owners of more contemporary vehicles may be in luck if they want a more stylish steering wheel. While it is possible to replace your airbag steering wheel with a ...


Steering Wheel Airbag. The driver's airbag is made up of several components. A cylinder filled with gas, the steel housing, airbag pack and the vinyl airbag cover. When the airbag module receives a deployment signal the igniter switch starts a chemical reaction which then inflates the airbag pack in fractions of a second. See chemistry of airbags.


it's pretty simple to find out if the steering wheel from the evo 8 would work. the evo 8 has an airbag/momo wheel too fyi. anyways, find out what aftermarket momo adapter hub would work on that car, then compare the two hub adapter #'s. if they're the same, then the steering wheels have the same spline pattern. bolting it on should be a piece of cake at that point. the only thing u mi...


So I'm planning on purchasing a BMW 125i and want to eventually swap the OEM steering wheel to an aftermarket one. Now I've done my research about the legalities of swapping aftermarket steering wheels on cars with airbags here in NSW. But, from what I've seen, it is only illegal if you swap the OEM wheel and remove the original airbag.


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Today a Nardi steering wheels is: A choice of quality: Nardi steering wheels offer all the pleasure coming from a direct contact with high level materials (natural leather or precious wood finished by hand). A choice of design: The Nardi range allows to choose the steering that suits each own car and personality.