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1970s Afro Sheen Commercial featuring the ghost of Frederick Douglass lecturing a guy about his horrible hair, as well as Black History. Great Afro + Black H...


"The hawk is out to get you!" This is one of my favorite ads because of the Chicago reference :) Chicago's wind is often called "The Hawk" or the "Windy City."


Funny Fridays: Afro Sheen Commercial. Posted by Cipriana Quann. 11/11. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: ... They would play during Soul Train, usually the only time Afro-Sheen commercials were on TV. I was about 4 or 5 years old(it was the 70′s), and yeah, her washing her hair and then using the pick was PAINFUL to watch.


A true afro meant much more than letting the hair grow in a carefree style like the straight and uncut hippie look. An afro needed meticulous care including meticulous raking with a big hair pick, or "Afro rake" and treating with a big black jar of Afro Sheen. Afros could be cropped-close to the head or grown to such wide dimensions that it was ...


Beautiful people use Afro Sheen! That slogan really takes me back. It reminds me of an era when we took more pride in our appearance. The seventies was a period of cultural awareness, soul music, social revolution, and the almighty afro! Don't believe me? Check out this Soul Train clip! Black folks have been experimenting…


11 Vintage Beauty Ads That Celebrate Black Beauty ... Black women in this Afro Sheen commercial sported various natural hairstyles, including braids with beads and afros, while dancing. ...


George E. Johnson Sr. received the Horatio Alger Award in 1981 and the Babson Medal in 1983. He received an honorary Doctor of Commercial Science degree from College of the Holy Cross in 1975 and an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Babson College in 1976. In popular culture


From conditioning shampoos, creamy pomades, and sheen spray for bouncy afros, Afro-sheen provided at-home products for natural hair. 2. The epic commercials showcased black women's beauty. Black women were predominantly used in the infamous Afro-Sheen commercials and were showcased as beautiful Nubian queens.


A Message from Frederick Douglass on keeping your Fro Fly! (Afro Sheen) Queen of Sheba (Afro Sheen). Player's Man. King of Pop Catches Fire for Pepsi WARNING: The following video contains very graphic images that may not be suitable for all audiences or those that love the King of Pop.


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