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These days, many of my fellow African brothers and sisters sport tattoos of some European or foreign symbols on their skins. These symbols are usually alien to our cultures, traditions, thinking, and history. So I thought about talking about scarification, which could be called an "ancient" African culture of tattoos. For starters, Africa has a rich culture of scarification.…


Scarification is a form of language not readily expressed except through extensive and intricate greetings, and gives the ability to communicate fully which is a key element for being considered as a normal member of the group. Scarification is usually more visible on darker skinned people than tattoos.


Africa scarification history shows that while scarring may seem like a new and avant garde form of body art, the practice is really quite ancient. Find out more about past scarification practices and how scarring fits into modern society.


A General History of Tattoos and African Scarification History of Tattoos. In ancient African culture, people wanted to be tattooed even though their skin was dark making colored tattoos difficult to see. In order to suffice themselves they developed a technique called scarification which is done by lifting the skin and cutting it with a knife.


Scarification is practiced for many different reasons depending on which part of Africa you come from and the cultural beliefs of your tribe. Below are a number of reasons why scarification was/is practoiced in different parts of the African Continent: Scarification is usually more visible on darker skinned people than tattoos.


"Scarification almost always happens in a culture where there is so much melanin in skin that it would be difficult to see a tattoo," Vince Hemingson, a writer and filmmaker who's studied body-modification, explained to National Geographic. From Papua New Guinea to Ethiopia, the cuts and scarring can symbolize identity in a number of ways ...


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