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African elephant definition, an elephant of the genus Loxodonta, with two extant species, the larger African bush elephant and the African forest elephant, both found in sub-Saharan Africa and previously considered subspecies rather than genetically distinct: compared to an Asian elephant, an African elephant is larger and has enormous ears, a rounder head, a trunk ending in two fingers rather ...


African elephant definition: a type of elephant that is native to Africa | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


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In African cultures, the elephant also reflects wisdom. In the Ashanti tradition, elephants were thought of as reincarnated human leaders from past times. Elephant symbolism is common throughout many religions. The Hindu religion, in particular, has a main deity named Ganesha. Ganesha has a human body and an elephant's head.


Elephant derived from the Latin elephantus and from Greek elephant- or elephas meaning "elephant, ivory" (perhaps of Hamitic origin) (Gove 1971) Order Proboscidea (Shoshani and Shoshani 2000) From proboscis, referring to the elephant's prominent trunk


The elephant meaning enables you to be persevering as well as patient. Once you have set your mind on a goal, you know how to bid your time until you achieve your goal. The elephant spirit guide is somewhat akin to the grasshopper spirit guide. Both bless your life with high levels of integrity and honor. You act with the good of everyone in mind.


The African elephant has permanent and stronger tusks that grow after the first set of tusks fall off. Both male and female elephants have tusks, which are long teeth-like structures protruding from the mouth. Elephant tusks continue growing throughout the life of the elephant. Elephants use these tusks for digging, fighting, and looking for food.


Elephant motifs are now present all around the world. These beautiful animals represent qualities and values would like to have. It is good to note that most of elephant symbolic meanings are actually related to Asian elephant that is calmer by nature than its bigger African relative.


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buffalo and elephant masks represented strength and power, and the spider mask, intelligence, but most of the meanings are now lost. Bamum social life was oriented toward the conquest of surrounding chieftainries, and forays were made into neighboring lands: from this stems a warrior mythology and an abundance of material symbols of strength.