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February is Black History Month and we at HuffPost Comedy are taking a look at legendary African-American comedians both past and present. From Paul Mooney and Richard Pryor in the 70's, to Eddie Murphy and Bill Cosby in the 80's, to "The Original Kings Of Comedy," African-Americans have played a defining role in the scheme of American comedy.


A track star and MC who grew up in poverty, Dick Gregory became a force doing stand-up while in the Army. He was known in the 1950s and ’60s for trail-blazing comedy that focused on his ...


Baron Vaughn's new stand-up comedy/art history series, "The New Negroes," airs on both Comedy Central and BET. It features African-American comedians Lil Rel Howery, Method Man, Sasheer Zamata and ...


Eddie Murphy (April 3, 1961) is one of the most recognizable faces in the comedy circuit of Hollywood. He started out as a stand-up comedian and has slowly worked his way up the ladder to be included in the list of the 10 funniest African-American comedians of all time.


Dick Gregory made a name for himself as the face of black comedy during the Civil Rights era. At a time when black comedy was and stand up comedy in general was still a somewhat cottage industry ...


List of black comedians is the #1 community about African American comedians. Find your favorite famous comedian in the directory, add your own, chat in forums, comment on others, and watch funny videos.


6 Black Comedians Gone Too Soon and The Iconic Jokes They Left Behind They say that laughter is the best medicine and sadly, we've lost some of the greatest comedians who were always guaranteed to ...


The top 10 South African stand-up comedians Our list of some of the funniest people from the southern tip of Africa. by Grant Mowatt. 2013-05-17 13:55. in Opinion.


Historians trace the origins of stand-up comedy to a very specific time and place: the variety, or burlesque shows, that flourished in New York City’s turn-of-the-century vaudeville theaters.


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