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Some tree trimming tips include only trimming during the tree's dormant season, never removing more than one-quarter of the tree's crown in a season, and trimming the tree branches just above the branch collar. The branch collar is located just above the intersection between the branch and the trunk


The reason for trimming and the time of year dictate when, what and how much to trim from a tree, explains Better Homes and Gardens. However, trimming for safety and tree health take priority over any other considerations.


A good place to find cheap and reliable tree trimming services is with a professional rating site, such as HomeAdvisor.com. This site is free to use and helps clients find the best professionals in their area.


The worst time of year to trim a tree depends on the type of tree. The tree's growth cycle also plays an important role in determining the best and worst times to trim it.


The best season to trim tress is the late winter, just before spring. Wounds left on trees from pruning heal more quickly when spring growth starts, reducing the chances of tree diseases. It is also easier to see the branches and decide where to cut on dormant trees.


The cost of tree trimming runs from $375 to $525, with an average of around $450, as of 2015, states Angie's List. The cost of trimming a large tree or very tall tree may be significantly more, particularly if the tree is beyond the reach of standard tree-trimming equipment.


Trim an orange tree in early spring by preparing the pruning tools, removing water sprouts, and cutting away dead and damaged limbs and thinning branches. You need rubbing alcohol, pruning shears and a saw.


Orange trees do not require pruning to keep them productive and develop a pleasing shape with little pruning. During the first three years after planting, no pruning of orange trees is recommended. If height maintenance is desired after that, annual pruning is done in early spring before flowering o


Apple trees should be trimmed to encourage their health and growth, according to the Oregon State University Extension Service. The service says that while the trees can be trimmed any time of the year, it is best to do so in late winter, right before spring begins.


The basics of apple tree pruning include timing, tools and methodology. Regular trimming helps to prevent alternate bearing, with a year of a bountiful harvest followed by one with a small harvest. Proper pruning techniques open the tree for air circulation and sunlight, ensuring a healthier plant.