Advantages of having a cell phone include, but are not limited to, being able to be easily reached in an emergency and being able to make emergency calls when not near a home phone. Depending on the type of phone a perso... More »

The main advantage that comes from turning Wi-Fi off on a cell phone is a reduction in power consumption and a corresponding boost in battery life. The Wi-Fi radio in a phone can be powered down or turned off completely ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

The largest advantage of having a landline telephone is reliability. In the event of a power outage or weather event, landline telephones can often remain functional when other types of phones do not. More »

Cell phone tower triangulation and GPS tracking are methods of locating a person using a cell phone. Triangulation by cell tower requires assistance from the phone company, special permission and equipment. GPS location ... More »

A cell phone is said to be unlocked if it can be freely used across multiple networks that are compatible with the phone's wireless technology. Having an unlocked phone enables users to easily switch between cellular net... More » Technology Mobile

To activate a used cell phone, ensure that the cell phone is compatible with your network. If the phone is unlocked and uses SIM cards, take your SIM card from the old phone, and insert it in the new one. When you want t... More » Technology Mobile

The easiest way to design one's own cell phone is through the use of an Arduino microcontroller and a GSM Arduino shield. These two components can be combined with user interface components, such as buttons and screens, ... More » Technology Mobile