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Enrichment activities can span a number of areas from bird-watching to basketball. Enrichment activities expand a student's learning in ways that differ from the ways students learn during the school day.


Enrichment in education refers to the climate and environment that a student experiences in a classroom or at a school. Enrichment is measurable, and there are several ways to further the enrichment of students.


K5 Learning and International Connections Academy both offer online summer school courses for elementary school kids seeking enrichment in core subjects or electives. Admission is usually on a rolling basis and allows for flexibility in scheduling.


A number of colleges, universities and special education schools, such as Ed2go and Manchester Adult and Continuing Education, offer classes specifically geared toward adult learners. These classes, often called adult education or continuing education classes, may cover topics as diverse as writing,


Many food companies enrich foods with iron to make it easier for people to maintain a sufficient daily iron intake. Iron deficiency anemia is a very common health problem that is often corrected by consuming more dietary iron.


An article on About.com has a list of iron-enriched or iron-fortified foods, which includes instant oatmeal, grits, ready-to-eat cereals, baby cereals, Iron Kids bread, pasta and iron-fortified formulas. A U.S. Health News article also lists some brands of iron-fortified, low-sugar cereals and oatme


Food enriched with vitamin D include infant formula and cow's milk, In addition, some brands of orange juice, cereal, soy and almond milk, yogurt and margarine are also fortified with vitamin D. In general, one cup of milk has 100 International Units of the nutrient.


Adults 18 years and over can find education classes in employment training, skill upgrades and post-secondary education through their local One-Stop Career Center, reports the U.S. Department of Labor. The State Director of Adult Education directory lists state offices for adult education opportunit


There are a few resources online dedicated to rating both online and traditional colleges, as well as individual courses. Websites Studentsreview.com and Geteducated.com provide the most in-depth information about colleges and courses specifically, while RateMyProfessors.com and the Better Business


Some tests given in adult basic education classes include the GED test, reading/writing comprehension and mathematics comprehension. A number of colleges offer adult basic education classes as of 2015.