Adoption in Kentucky requires that eligible adults complete thirty hours of educational group meetings, a background check and home study. To be eligible to adopt in Kentucky, single or married adults must be at least 21... More » Family Adoption

It is free to adopt a child in the state of Florida if the child has been placed with the Florida Department of Families and Children as a foster child, and if the adopting family can't afford the minimal associated cour... More » Family Adoption

To adopt a child in Dallas, Texas, attend a free information meeting in your local area to discuss adoption requirements and then submit an adoption application to the adoption agency for selection. The Texas Department ... More »

Adopting a child in Illinois basically involves seven steps, which include contacting a local adoption agency, completing an application to adopt as well as necessary classes and training, meeting with a caseworker in yo... More » Family Adoption

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services requires anyone considering adoption to attend 27 hours of pre-service training, receive a family medical evaluation, undergo a DHS child welfare check and provide positive refer... More » Family Adoption

Steps in the child adoption process include completing an application with an adoption agency, attending required training classes, completing a home study, getting approved to adopt and accepting the match of a child wh... More » Family Adoption

To adopt a child in South Carolina, make a formal application, complete a home study, get approved and legalize the adoption. Be sure to consult family members and other experts regarding adoption before initiating the p... More » Family Adoption