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A baffle plate is a metal plate that sits over the firebox. The baffle plate blocks off the chimney and forces hot gases to remain in the stove for a longer period. This increases the efficiency and heat output of the stove.


Roof baffles are a type of ventilation method installed in attics. The baffles create airflow to allow the attic to breathe properly and keep moisture and heat from causing mold or wood rot problems.


Remove the baffles from a motorcycle exhaust pipe by taking the exhaust from the motorcycle, placing the exhaust system into a vice, drilling through each baffle and removing the pieces from the pipe. Install the exhaust system back onto the motorcycle to complete the p...


To build a squirrel baffle, perforate a stovepipe cap, insert a stovepipe, screw it in place, slip a pole inside the baffle, attach a clamp, and rest the baffle on it. This one-hour project requires a stovepipe, a pipe cap, a hose clamp, screws, a screwdriver, a drill a...


According to Microsoft, ADO, DAO and RDO are all data access interfaces used in Visual Basic, but they differ in how recently they have been introduced and how flexible the interface is. As of 2014, ADO is the most recent, simple to use and flexible data access interfac...


To remove baffles from motorcycle pipes, take out the exhaust of the vehicle, hold it in a vice, and drill through all the baffles. Re-jet the carburetors while drilling. Finally, reattach the exhaust to the motorcycle.


A baffle in a motorcycle exhaust pipe is a sort of muffler designed to reduce engine noise. There are two kinds of baffles; the type placed inside the exhaust pipe works by reducing air flow out of the exhaust.