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Through repeated open and closing, the door on your Frigidaire refrigerator may sag and get misaligned. The door may be hard to open or close, and may even fail to seal properly. The door can be ...


Depending on the cause, you can make your refrigerator door close completely by either replacing your refrigerator gasket, or by tightening the hinges on your refrigerator door using a screwdriver or placing shims (wedges or materials used to fit or align certain objects) between your door hinges.


Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! We repaired the floors in the kitchen,and now the doors on the refrigerator won't close. The refrigerator was leveled but the doors still won't close automatically like they used to. I would like to know how to make a little adjustment, so the doors will close automatically again.


If the door on your Kenmore refrigerator is not properly aligned, it may not close properly, causing serious problems with cooling efficiency and effectiveness. Unfortunately, most Kenmore refrigerators do not allow you to adjust the door by itself. You have to adjust the bottom of the fridge to ensure the entire unit is level.


A refrigerator door that won't close can be a troublesome issue, but not one that means the hulking appliance needs to be chucked to the curb. Tackle a failing door with a good set of tools, some cleaning products and a new perspective on what you are doing to unsettle the fridge's functions.


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Using a 5/16” or 7/16” wrench, turn the door adjusting screw to the right to raise the door, to the left to lower it. (A nylon plug, imbedded in the threads of the pin, prevents the pin from turning unless a wrench is used.) After one or two turns of the wrench, open and close the refrigerator door and check the alignment at the top of the ...


Reposition any items that may be out of place and close the refrigerator door. If the door still fails to shut tightly, check the door gaskets. ... Adjust the Refrigerator Door on a KitchenAid ...


To realign the door, just pry off the hinge cap and loosen the hinge screws. Then align the door with the top of the refrigerator. Adjust only the top hinge to straighten an upper door. To realign the lower door, adjust the middle hinge. Moving the middle hinge will affect the upper door, so you may have to adjust the top hinge afterward.