Different automatic transmissions require the use of various methods when adjusting their kickdown cables. To adjust the kickdown cable on a Turbo 350, first remove the air cleaner, and then loosen the lock-nut. Adjust t... More »

A broken kickdown cable typically causes issues with a car's upshifts, which are delayed or occur at full throttle. However, a faulty kickdown cable may only stick when the car in not in motion and cause no obvious sympt... More »

The most common problems with Ford automatic overdrive transmissions are internal clutch failure, governor failure and the T.V. cable needing adjustment or replacement. The most frequent cause of these problems, aside fr... More »

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Subaru continuously variable transmissions are considered some of the most reliable and rugged designs in use among current manufacturers, according to AutoGuide.com; however, some CVTs used in early 2010-era Subarus did... More »

The primary providers of Internet services that do not require a phone cable send the Internet signals through the use of cable or fiber optics cables, but Internet data can also be transmitted wirelessly over cell phone... More »

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The symptoms of transmission problems in Chevrolet vehicles can include unusual noises when shifting, inability to shift to or from specific gears and hesitation when shifting in automatic transmissions. Chevrolet has al... More »

If other factors are equal, four-speed transmissions typically offer worse fuel efficiency than transmissions with more gears. However, they offer better efficiency than three-speed transmissions, which are rare on newer... More »

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