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The term "nation builder" is commonly used to refer to a person, often a politician, who has been significantly instrumental in the development of a country. Their accomplishments might include setting standards of leadership or governmental conduct or else involvement in important social advocacy w


One of the top-rated homebuilders is KB Homes, according to ConsumerAffairs.com. Some other top-rated home builders include Meritage Homes and Habitat for Humanity, notes TheRichest.com.


Ask the builder for references to get a list of those to contact about the builder's work, and then call each reference given. Ask for current projects and speak to those references as well, without the builder present. If possible, visit the site of the builder's current or past work with the owner


Some well-known small home builders include Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, Alchemy Architects, Metroship, Rocio Romero and Little House on the Trailer. Other companies that build small homes include Tiny Texas House and Pacific Yurts, notes Apartment Therapy.


Companies that operate as track builders design and build tracks for motorcross and supercross sports. Tracks are generally unpaved and contain sharp turns, jumps and hills that serve as obstacles during the motorcross event.


Three mobile home manufacturers account for nearly 70 percent of mobile home sales. In a shrinkage of the mobile home industry during the housing decline, Clayton Homes, Champion Homes and Cavco acquired many smaller mobile home manufacturers.


The cost of builder's risk insurance varies greatly, depending on factors such as the size and value of the project being insured, its location and other factors. Risk insurance protects builders financially from property and liability losses sustained on building projects, according to Square One I


kitHAUS, Oregon Dome and Bungalow in a Box produce good home building kits, according to Dwell. The LV Series by Rocio Romero also contains highly rated kits.


To read a builder's floor plan more effectively, imagine yourself virtually walking through a complete, three-dimensional model of the home as you follow key sections of the plan. Understand the scale of the plan, and use it to help in your visualization.


Some reputable companies that build tiny houses include Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, American Tiny House Company, Nomad Micro Homes and Tiny Heirloom, notes PasteMagazine.com. These builders are known for offering a variety of models and designs, including custom tiny houses.